No Right Time for Trudy


Reading Trudy Perry’s story in The Mirror leaves me reeling!  Even though I’ve come across stories similar to hers the sense of waste and destruction is hard to avoid and a real sadness stays after her story has been told.

Briefly she had five abortions between the ages of 15 and 32 and 3  husbands but says she always wanted children but as she is almost 50, she knows she never will now.  She goes into great detail and I wonder how all the men she has had a relationship feel about having their names and photos in print because her life is a train of destruction.  Destruction of various relationships through the aftermath of her abortions and destruction of all those babies that were killed through her abortions.

Any prolifer who knows about post-abortion syndrome can see the signs in her story as she lurches from casual relationship to husband and so on.  The saddest part of her story is that she still hasn’t realised what she has done and says,

I’ve learned you have to live with the choices you make.

While I am embarrassed that I’ve had three husbands, I’m not ashamed of the abortions.

Life is not perfect and while I am sad that my children were never born, I feel so lucky that I have finally found the man who is perfect for me.

Ironically, her current partner is not fertile and she realises that her happiness comes with a price.  However even if the situation had been different I doubt Trudy would have thought this was the right time to have a child.  She doesn’t value the gift of life and that children are more precious than anything else in life.   That’s the irony of it and the true sadness.  

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