“Expectant Management”!


There are many euphemisms that we routinely  come across in the whole abortion debate but we thought we’d seen most of them by now.  Today we discovered another made up term that tries to disguise what the pro abortionists are really talking about.  Expectant Management.  This is the term that was offered to a Republican politician in the U.S. when her unborn daughter was discovered to have a rare condition called Potters’ Syndrome.  This condition affects the development of the lungs and kidneys of an unborn baby and therefore can be fatal.

We had followed this story from the start when the parents first discovered that their baby had this condition. We  were delighted to read that even though the mum, Jamie Herrera Beutler and her husband were offered abortion and ” expectant management” ie. wait for her to die they declined both and prayed for a miracle and asked everyone else to join them.  The fact that these parents were not offered any hopeful treatment shows the level we have reached.  It’s almost as if to say that only babies who don’t have any abnormalities are given medical treatment.  Thank God that this little girls parents did not see her life as disposable but worthy of hope and prayer and a determination to fight on her behalf.

  The story below shows God answered those prayers and it is with such joy and elation that we share their story with you.  Be assured when we choose to cherish the life God has given us he will bless us in such amazing ways.

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