The Next Big Thing


Here at the Prolife Initiaitive, we are always dealing with women who are unexpectedly pregnant.  Unplanned, unexpected and sometimes unwanted.  People map out their lives and believe that these plans will evolve as directed with no back up plan to what they might do if this doesn’t happen.  God usually has other directions for our lives.

For fathers, it can be an even bigger shock to find their wife, girlfriend or these days,  an acquaintance is pregnant.  This blog post is written from an honest perspective as to how news like this is received.  If only everyone can accept that once a baby is conceived, the deed is done, the life has begun and the situation must be accepted no matter how inconvenient, that may make your life. 

Suddenly my eyes appeared to malfunction, as a steady stream of liquid began escaping from my eyes. (I’m glad the theater was dark.) Here I was in Portland, eagerly looking for the next big thing in my life, when reality slapped me across the face with a rubber glove: The next big thing was already here! We were having a baby! And it was going to change my life in a million wonderful ways!

In mere moments, my shame for feeling so lackluster gave way to new perspective and enthusiasm. Deep down, I felt a sense of relief. I didn’t suddenly receive all the answers I’d been looking for, but I did receive the peace that we’d be ok. Yes, things would be different, but they would also be awesome.

I am finally ready to embrace this new adventure with joy and excitement.

I probably should have felt thrilled about bringing new life into this world from the first moment I learned the news. But the truth is, I wasn’t.

I suspect that is often the case any time our story changes in a way we didn’t anticipate, even if that change is mostly a good one. Our stories are bursting with opportunities for adventure. I’m slowly learning that the biggest among them might be hidden within the circumstances clothed in uncertainty.

Has your story just taken a surprising turn? The next big thing might very well be the small thing right in front of you.

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