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We have followed the trials and joys of Chen Guangcheg, the blind Chinese activist since we heard  what happened when the Hollywood actor, Christian Bale tried to visit him when Chen was being held under house arrest in China, a couple of years ago. Chen’s life and freedom have been under the spotlight as he escaped […]

We would love you to support our next Clothes Sales where we sell second hand clothes, shoes, dvds, and bric-a-brac.   It’s a chance to raise some much needed cash aswell as a wee social get together for those people who can manage to come along.  The sale is being held in Saturday 25th May 2013 […]

Let’s remind ourselves of what we are protecting…

The choice to adopt is a wonderful one and we are always looking for ways to promote adoption especially in the face of so much abortion.  The other angle to the decision to adoption is when couples decide to adopt babies from a foreign country who are disabled in some way and therefore less likely […]

As announced last weekend by Pope Francis, the celebration of Evangelium Vitae on June 15-16th 2013, will be an opportunity for him to speak on this most critical of topics – life, from conception to natural death.   To alert the world through word, talks and events across the weekend.  Rev Geno Sylvia, the official for the Pontifical for Promoting […]

In the year 1400, a young man came to the door of the largest hospital in Siena. A plague was raging through the city so horrible that as many as twenty people died each day just in the hospital alone. And many of the people who died were those who were needed to tend the […]

Bear with me on this one, this is a subject close to my heart. You may be wondering well, yes, but what has it got to do with abortion & the prolife movement which this blog loosely posts about? Everything! The problem is that society see children as a burden and a problem if the […]

  Posted by Ellie Saul on May 14, 2013 on The “it’s my body” mantra has been argued by promoters of the death industry since the advent of legalized abortion in America. The truth is that when a woman becomes pregnant, a separate being is formed and two bodies exist now where there was […]

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