Weekend for Life


As announced last weekend by Pope Francis, the celebration of Evangelium Vitae on June 15-16th 2013, will be an opportunity for him to speak on this most critical of topics – life, from conception to natural death.   To alert the world through word, talks and events across the weekend. 

Rev Geno Sylvia, the official for the Pontifical for Promoting New Evangelization told Lifesitenews.com more about what to expect,

The whole idea for this Evangelium Vitae weekend is showing the absolute importance of the sanctity of all life from conception to natural death in the mission of the New Evangelization,” he said. “That the most basic of all rights – the right to life – has got to be promoted, has got to be protected and thus is an essential part of the New Evangelization.

The initiative for the weekend as part of the Year of Faith, had already been planned by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. However, Fr. Sylva told LifeSiteNews that “Pope Francis has been so supportive and excited about following through with this event.”  Speaking of Pope Francis’ former life as Cardinal in Argentina, Fr. Sylva noted, “We know how strongly he’s spoken about the life issues.”  He added that, as Pope, “this is going to be his opportunity to speak about this more.”

Places can be booked at The Year of Faith website, http://www.annusfidei.va/content/novaevangelizatio/en/eventi/giornataevangeliumvitae.html where there is more information on the itinerary.


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