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  **taken from John Smeatons blog** Baroness Thatcher’s voting record on pro-life and pro-family issues   I join with the large number of people at home and abroad who have been praying for the repose of the soul of Baroness (Margaret) Thatcher and the comforting of those who are bereaved at her departure. The vulnerability […]

A new television programme from the U.S. which has recently aired and is now avaliable to watch in the U.K. online is “Surrender the Secret” – bible study which follows the journey of five women struggling to come to terms with their abortion and the loss of their unborn child. SURRENDER THE SECRET tells the real-life […]





Some thoughts on that fantastic way to speak to God – prayer!  When we read stories like the one coming out of America about the doctor, Dr Gosnell, who is on trial for peforming late abortions and killing new borns, then we realise that prayer is our main form of attack for these horrendous sins that go on. […]

An exciting initiative has arrived in Glasgow that we want to share with you.   At its heart is prayer and a joy that needs to be passed on to those who have lost their faith or become dry and subdued with what their faith means to them.  This event is called Nightfever and is held in St […]

We might find ourselves in this very situation or a similar one where we have the opportunity to give advice, help another person make a life changing decision.  Let us pray that God gives us the right words and attitude that will help that person choose life. Father Ignatius was washing his car in the […]

The story of an abortionists trial in America is a tragic one.  Dr Kermit Gosnell (pictured), who is on trial in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, allegedly ran a filthy and dangerous ‘abortion mill’ from his clinic, where he terminated pregnancies after the state’s 24-week legal limit The Daily Telegraph  has this week run the story of a […]

Pro-life lessons from speed awareness courses Recently, I went on a speed awareness course, organised by AA drivetech. The course was an alternative option to receiving 3 points on your licence after being caught driving over 30mph in a built up area. Included on the course was video footage of the worst accident ever on […]

To quote a four year old I know, this video is “awesome!”  This witty, straightforward approach to all that is assumed and said when a couple have a child with Downs Syndrome is a breath of fresh air.  Pass it on and enjoy!