Link between contraception & abortion




“The left loves to present contraception as this wonderful, perfectly harmless way to prevent people from being burdened with children while enjoying all the (frequently) immoral sex they want to. This is, of course, a lie, one of the more monstrous ones the left has built itself up on. Catholics know the truth – that contraception is a very harmful act that God opposes as it frustrates the end for which he created sexuality – the procreation of children. The number of harmful side effects of contraception is endless: in addition to the very negative health effects (the latest one – the plummeting of male sperm counts due to very high estrogen levels in our water supplies), contraception has been directly involved in the destruction of the family, skyrocketing adultery rates, fornication, bastardry, the attack on the very notion of marriage, disastrous economic effects …. I personally believe that contraception is the most widely accepted grave evil of our times. In terms of how destructive it has been, and how widely it is used – with even the large majority of ‘Christians’ using it with abandon, nary a thought to the contrary – I would rate contraception as the core moral evil of our time.”

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