Share the Nightfever


An exciting initiative has arrived in Glasgow that we want to share with you.   At its heart is prayer and a joy that needs to be passed on to those who have lost their faith or become dry and subdued with what their faith means to them.  This event is called Nightfever and is held in St Aloysius Church, Garnethill, Glasgow (aswell as Birmingham & London) to encourage people to come and pray in front of  The Blessed Sacrament.  Simple? Yes, and perhaps the simplicity is where the power lies to become a  force for good in the Church.  Perhaps this can be the start of a wave of revival of faith especially for the youth because Nightfever is held on a Saturday night when many young people are congregated in town and therefore easily accessible. 

Here’s some more detail on what it’s all about…

Nightfever is organised by young Christians whose faith is central in their lives and who seek to bridge between individuals, parishes and communities. Everyone that shares the same ideas as the Nightfever is welcome to be part of it. With our initiative we would like to address young people that have stayed away from the church and to draw them closer to faith again. All should happen without any obligations; as it is said in the gospel of John “Come and see!” (John 1,46)

We invite you to spend some time in Adoration, quiet, listening to some music, praying, chatting to a priest, asking questions about your faith, receiving a blessing, lighting a candle.

Nightfever has spread from Germany to over thirty cities world wide. And so we bring you NIGHTFEVER GLASGOW!

Nightfever is for everyone, so why not come and see us


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