One of Us


Just heard about an exciting new European campaign called One of Us which  is trying to protect life from conception across Europe.  We all know about the many threats to the unborn from Europe that would  allow different practices regarding the start of human life and life within the womb.

The “One of Us” campaign is being supported and organized by several nations in the European Union (EU). Its goal is to see all human life protected from the moment of conception in Europe, with a particular emphasis on those pre-born children who are vulnerable to exploitation via research, but organizers admit that complete protection of life from conception may not be achievable through the laws of the EU.

Josephine Quintavalle of “One of Us” in the United Kingdom explains: “We can raise a European level legislation, not to give absolute defense to the human embryo, unfortunately, but to prevent any destructive patenting or scientific application or use of the human embryo. So, that’s the essence of this. It’s a big vote in defense of the right to life of the embryo, of the humanity of the embryo, to state that the human embryo is not just some body tissue. It is a human being.”

Ms. Quintavalle calls “One of Us” the “ultimate pro-life campaign.”


“All we’re asking from supporters is to go online, add your signature, and check a box in defense of the right to life of the human embryo,” she said. “Life begins at conception as we all know, whether that happens in the womb, or sadly in the laboratory.”


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