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It is hard to see Nick Vujicic life and not be humbled.  He was born  in Australia without arms or legs and has achieved so much while giving praise to God!  His attitude is refreshing and joyful and the message he gives is sooo powerful.   That life is precious, even if you have a disability […]

Following another of our clothes sales last Saturday we raised a fantastic £1,292.07!  Thanks to everyone who took the time to support us.

The whole idea of testing to find out whether your unborn baby is “perfect” or “normal” has pervaded our whole society to the detriment.  When parents are told the news that tests have revealed that something is wrong with their baby, it can lead to life decisions which ultimately mean that abortion is offered as […]

* taken from The Catholic Herald blog * The pontificate of Benedict XVI was full of surprises and on Monday he sprang the greatest one of all. His abdication – the first for almost 600 years – caught even the Vatican unawares. As we struggle to absorb the news, here are 10 reasons to give […]

Danielle Rose


Just found this beautiful singer who’s life is dedicated to writing songs and singing them based on her faith.  She supports the prolife Guadalupe Home of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Beijing and here is one of her songs to Our Lady.

Saint Cyril was born in Thessalonica and educated in Constantinople.  He accompanied his brother Methodius to Moravia to preach the faith.  They both prepared Slavic liturgical texts in what would subsequently be known as the Cyrillic alphabet.  Both were summoned to Rome, where Cyril died on 14th February 869, while Methodius  was consecrated bishop and […]

We recieved a wonderful newsletter from the RGS Good Shepherd Sisters recently with news of their vital work in Beijing where a mother & baby home is run by the sisters. They have been able to give residential care to 12 mums and their babies over the past year and assist several more who needed […]

**Taken from a blog entitled “Raising 5 Kids with Disabilities and Remaining Sane”** Having been on a diet for forever, I was starved for something sweet. I admit that I used to eat a lot of “comfort food”, so finding a way I could still do this and not gain weight has been a challenge. […]

This months prolife mass is on Wednesday 20th February 2013.  The priest celebrating the mass is Fr Michael John Galbraith and the evening kicks off at 6pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament                                                                                 7pm Rosary                                                                                  7.30pm Mass All Welcome.