What Are They Looking At?


There  are some pro life organisations, especially in the U.S.,  that believe the only way to get the pro life message across effectively,  so minds are changed forever as to what happens in an abortion,  is to show graphic images of babies after being aborted.

The pictures are truly horrific and the pro lifers are divided as to whether this does more harm than good because  many  people become upset and feel we are using horror tactics to gain an advantage.  It’s a difficult one because the complacency  that exists amongst those who should be shouting the loudest about the evils of abortion is quite breath taking!  People prefer to say that yes they believe abortion is wrong while doing absolutely nothing about it!  This is what makes me boiling mad.  So, abortion continues to thrive quietly, and steadily and the destruction of women’s live as well as their babies rolls along with a minority of people prepared to do anything!

So.  What will it take to change this?  I am sympathetic to those who believe that a wake up call is needed in order that babies are saved and we don’t sit here for another 40years or so wondering how much more babies lives will be sacrificed for convenience?

This video was made on the March for Life held last January in Washington which is a great witness to the unborn.  It only shows the graphic images at the end for a couple of seconds but it gives a good idea of the effect reality can have and perhaps, just perhaps we need to find some way to wake society up to the fact everyone needs to do something to stop this horror and destruction from thriving so that the womb is a safe place to be instead of one of the most dangerous places  in 2013.

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