Ireland and Abortion


A new angle has been sought in the bid by some politicians to persuade the Irish government that abortion needs to be legalized in the cases of suicidal women. This is not a “new”argument at all, but has been seen many times before in the long years of debating abortion – that women who are talking about taking their own life and pregnant need abortion??

Of course if logic were applied to this issue then abortion and suicide would never be spoken of in the same sentence.  The natural, mothering instinct that women are endowed with means that it is instinctive to protect the life growing within them and when a woman is unwell and suicidal then she naturally looks for support and protection, where abortion is the opposite of this.

The Life Institute have produced a video showing the arguments against providing abortion for suicidal women and also showing excerpts of a recent committee where mental health experts were giving evidence to this effect.  When women are vulnerable, what ever their situation then as a society we need to offer them love, support and provision of practical help not death for their child.

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