Why Comic Relief isn’t Funny?


Comic Relief has been raising money through various events around the UK for many years now and lots of the money that is raised goes to good causes.  However prolife organisations have long been aware that Comic Relief give money to organisations who support abortion and contraception provision.  If you have friends who are unaware of this then please pass on the following information so everyone can make an informed decision.

It is sad that nowadays it is hard to trust many charities and major fundraising initiatives such as Children in Need and Comic Relief due to the wider implications of what the money raised is used for.  Many people blindly donated to charities unaware that in the details, behind the razzmatazz lies serious ethical and moral implications for the people  donating who believe in the sanctity of life. 

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Don’t let Red Nose Day leave you red-faced


The annual Red Nose Day returns on 15 March. I’ve blogged before about why pro-lifers should boycott raising money for Red Nose Day. Raising money for Red Nose Day means that some of that money will go to charities and projects that are inimical to building a culture that respects all human life from conception. Red Nose Day has made, and continues to make, grants that fund groups that advocate and promote abortion, contraception and same-sex marriage, such as the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and the Terrence Higgins Trust. No one wants to be a spoil-sport when it comes to fundraising for worthy causes, a good thing in itself. However, fundraising efforts should not be spoilt by having the money used to fund the destruction of human life. I urge schools, colleges, universities, places of work, parishes etc to simply boycott Red Nose Day, and pick a worthy charity or two for which to raise money instead. Don’t let Red Nose Day leave you red-faced – get the facts.Below are just a few examples of groups and projects funded recently by Red Nose Day, found on its website:

  • A grant of £374, 694 was given to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in January 2011 for work in Swaziland, Mozambique and Ethiopia. IPPF’s 2011 financial report says that IPPF affiliates carried out over 1.5 million abortion-related procedures in that year. Also in 2001, IPPF launched “It’s all one curriculum”, a sinister programme to indoctrinate children into the culture of death.
  • A grant was made to African Initiatives (Ghana) in 2011 for £248,200. This money is being used to fund sexual and reproductive health projects aimed at teen girls
  • The Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) was given £72,875.
  • Save the Children, which supports abortion and promotes contraception, was given approximately £3.8 million for projects in Rwanda; £1 million for India; £0.9 million for Bangladesh; and £0.25 million for both Brazil and the UK respectively.
  • Barnardo’s was given £165,000 in May 2011. Barnardo’s runs the Young Womens London Project which offers a ‘sexual health service’. Through the service “young women can access a nurse for free condoms, contraception (including emergency contraception) pregnancy testing and advice about abortion/termination.” The Barnardo’s website recommends the websites of Marie Stopes International and the Family Planning Association, two of the UK’s leading abortion agencies.

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