Update on Lacey & Christian


If you are a regular reader to this or the Sisters of the Gospel of Life blog, you will remember a video we posted “Thank goodness for Lacey” about a young mum who despite enormous pressure to abort gave birth to a son Christian in February 2011 who has cleft palate of the eyes.  The video made so many prolife points without words and had a huge impact on many people that were privilaged to watch it.

Team Christian


We thought you might like to read an update that Lacey has written on her blog “Leading the Blind” http://christianbuchanan.blogspot.co.uk/ as Christian approaches his second birthday.  This extract written only the other day gives an idea of the amazing attitude she and her husband has that has meant that Christian is supported and loved for who he is and not held back by his disabiltiy.

What a year it has been! Can you imagine if I had not chosen life for him, what this last year could’ve been like? This blog would not exist, and I wouldn’t be telling you about Christian’s 2nd birthday and all he’s done this year. Many of you reading this wouldn’t even know I exist. I would not have met so many of you and have so many amazing friendships that I didn’t have last year. But most of all, I would not know the absolute purest joy and love in my life, my sweet Christian. 🙂


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