Olympian Recognises Value of Life


This little clip from one of the recent audiences with Pope Benedict shows the true blessing of motherhood.  Here, Valentina Vezzali, an Italian Olympic athlete humbly asks for a blessing for her unborn child.  She goes on to demonstrate the importance she sees in conceiving this child and how this is a greater achievement than her Olympic achievements.

What a lot she did for all mothers in that moment!  She has raised the profile of motherhood which is often demeaned as unimportant.  Pope Benedicts’ fatherly concern is touching and the whole conversation demonstrates to us that even after medals, worldly recognition and international stardom what is really important is new life, in the womb protected by
God.  This is what we strive and pray for – that through those who can have influence the dignity and importance of unborn life can be raised higher and not discarded and abused.

Thank you Valentina!

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