Sebastians Winning Ad


‘If I’d known in advance that I was going to have a Down’s baby, I would quite possibly have had a termination,’ she says.

‘Now I see his beauty and personality shining so brightly, and hope that the more people see Seb, the more I can change people’s negative ­perceptions of Down’s.

The above quote is taken from an article on the Daily Mails’ website,  which is a joy to read.  It stands out because it is so positive and  shows that ordinary people who have never given a thought about abortion, disability or the right to life are so vulnerable to making huge decisions if presented with the option.  Sebastians’ mother admits that if she had had a test to see if her unborn child had Downs Syndrome and had been offered an abortion she could have quite easily taken that road and never known what she has been proclaiming from the rooftops eversince. 

That people with this extra chromasome bring untold joy and love in abundance, along  with some difficulties which , with help and support do not stop parents loving their children with a love equal (if not more!)  to a child without Downs Syndrome.

 Milestone: Caroline began to relax about Seb's future

Some parents who discover their unborn child has Downs fear that they won’t love their child because of the disability and this leads to other fears which in some cases the medical profession are guilty of perpetuating.  Anyone who has spent time with a child, young person or adult with Downs Syndrome knows that they love life to the full and deserve to be allowed to live and to be loved just as Sebastian is doing!

Lets congratulate Marks & Spencers for taking a chance on Sebastian and maybe without knowing it suppporting the whole disability awareness that makes sure that people with disability are seen in a positive light,  on television and the media in general instead of hidden away.

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