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The perfect night out for Hallowe’en! AGAP Community Theatre presents a dramatised reading of Newman’s epic poem “The Dream of Gerontius” with lights, sounds and visuals as we follow the soul’s journey through angels and demons, heaven, hell and purgatory.  Tickets £5 (under 16’s free) from 0141 554 1333 or or on the door.  […]

**We’ve nicked this from a brilliant mother of 12 blog – however it is very American but we think you can translate! It is funny and profound at the same time** Have a happier marriage. Pay less income taxes. Learn to share, and like it. The ultimate diet plan: morning sickness and breastfeeding. Enjoy snuggles […]

Clothing Sale


Here is another reminder to all our supporters out there of our next Grand Clothing Sale we are organising.  We have not held one for a while so there will plenty of  clothes for everyone.  Not only do we have plenty of clothes but shoes, handbags, bric-a-brac, pictures, toys and books, jewellery, dvd’s, cd’s and […]

There is so much evidence out there to back up our previous post on saving the life of the mother without aborting her baby but here is a story fresh off the press in todays Daily Mail online edition,  We must publicise this crucial development so that it becomes common knowledge outside prolife circles […]

This video is a culmination of all the evidence that has been building up recently regarding one of the building blocks of The 1967 Abortion Act where the premise was that abortion must always been available to save the life of the mother.  In previous posts we have reported the growing medical reports from independent […]

St Luke


** taken from Catholic News Agency** On October 18, Catholics and other Christians around the world will celebrate the feast of St. Luke, the physician and companion of St. Paul whose gospel preserved the most extensive biography of Jesus Christ. St. Luke wrote a greater volume of the New Testament than any other single author, […]

You may not have heard the news of the recent Nobel Prize for Medicine co-winners, Shinya Yamanaka and John Gurdon, researchers in cell biology, were awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for their discoveries about the generation of stem cells. Details of what these two men achieved can be seen at  ht tp:// where […]

Foetal reduction.  Another euphemism for abortion.  It happens when a woman has a multiple pregnancy which is more common these days as there is more and more infertility treatment being chosen by couples. But that’s another posting!  So, a woman who has usually had infertility treatment, discovers early on in her pregnancy that she is having  two […]

Everynow and then we come across a video which puts across what we are constantly trying to convey through words, slogans and campaigns.  This story is brutally honest and shows that some decisions we have made or almost made can be made anew.  This father it seems is trying to make up for the feelings […]