Abortion Clinic to Open in Belfast


The name of one of the biggest abortion clinics in the world, Marie Stopes International will, I’m sure be very familiar to you.  However did you know that they are about to open their first clinic in Belfast shortly, to the absoloute dismay of the pro-life movement in Ireland and the rest of the U.K. 

A protester outside the Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast

You may be puzzled as to why M.S.I. would want to open a clinic in a place, where abortion is illegal,  except on very strict criteria,  as  it would seem they would have very little “custom” when it came to actually peforming any abortions. Puzzling indeed??

SPUC http://spuc-director.blogspot.co.uk/  have recently asserted that they believe M.S.I. will peform abortions illegally from this clinic, based on past experience of M.S.I.  While we have every reason to believe this may be true,  it is extremely difficult to proof  until the clinic opens.   Meanwhile, Northern Ireland Assembly’s Justice Committee has launched an investigation into M.S.I. Belfast Clinic which may prevent or delay it’s opening which is a positive step.  Even if we have some concrete proof  the prolife movement must be extrememly careful of how we present ourselves to those in favour of this clinic and to abortion in general.

  Last year I read Abbey Johnstons autobiography, “Unplanned”, which I recommend to everyone because it gives a fantastic insight into how the prolife individuals are viewed by those at the heart of the abortion industry.  Abbey said the one of the most powerful things that stayed with her and ultimately persuaded her to change her mind about abortion  were  those people who demonstrated outside the abortion clinic she ran,  was their love for her and for the women contemplating abortion and women who had had an abortion. 

That has really stayed with me and changed me because I know that everyone in the prolife movement has this love and concern for these women, doctors, nursers, cleaners administrative staff etc who are in anyway involved with the abortion industry.  But do we show it??  Let us make sure that we always express our sympathy for those vulnerable women contemplating abortion,  in our words, actions and expressions because we need to persuade those on the other side of the argument that we love them as much as we love the silent, unborn babies crying out for our help.

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