Saving Downs


We can’t go any further down this track. We must draw a line here, now.  Take a stand in human solidarity with every mother and with every child before as well as after birth. Today we commit to the human rights defence of every child with Down syndrome, every child with Spina Bifida, every child with any condition being “considered a basis for killing”.  We defy eugenics and we recommit  to loving “every child, without any exception whatsoever”.  We are one human family.

This is a quote from Rita Josephs of who are a pressure group from New Zealand doing amazing things to stop the seek & destroy mentality towards babies with Downs Syndrome.

We applaud their efforts and will help publicise their cause here because the killing must stop. Dead.

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  1. Thank you for sharing our message in such a gracious way. Please check out our web site

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