Letter of Appreciation from Satan


Dear Pastors,

I wanted to take a few minutes out of my extremely busy schedule to personally thank you for your valued support and continued cooperation.  I can’t emphasize enough the importance of your silence by way of non-action throughout the years and how that small gesture alone lead to increased productivity in our apportioned business of destroying life.   This high level of non-action achieved by the church is greatly appreciated as you continually provide exceptional service to the accomplishment of defined goals by way of non-compliance.

I am especially and quite frankly astounded by the church messaging format.  It is amazing to me, an organization as prominent as yours can continually and with little effort express implicit PRO-LIFE support without productively engaging in anything tangible.  It may as well be known as FAUX-LIFE.  Wow now that’s something that even impressed my devilish board of directors!  The fact that I can just sit idly by observing the death count as it exponentially increases almost brings me to tears.  In the United States alone, since 1973 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Guttmacher Institute (GI) estimates our combined teamwork has accomplished what can be considered by conservative estimates, around 1.5 million murders a year.  These astounding numbers in combination with worldly projections are something I am supremely proud to be part of and respectfully request your continued engagement in the FAUX-LIFE team effort.

My only apprehension regarding our team concept are attainable efforts concerning the remote possibility of one church rising up and forcefully acting on the fundamental principal of LIFE FIRST?  This action would most certainly be detrimental to the survival of our nearly 40 year historical coalition.  Although seemingly small, this effort would be a game changer not to mention utter catastrophe in any number of our affiliated murderous abortion facilities.  Please realize the impact regarding such an effort.   First and foremost would be the incessant spreading of the LIFE FIRST concept.  Then actions would ensue whereby many of the before and once silenced masses begin to flourish.  This of course leads to the disastrous closing of all facilities formally regarded as PRO-CHOICE Women’s Centers.

Although only conceptual at present, if not controlled by continued non action, this uprising would be the defining point at which our once unified partnership ceases to exist.

Your Continued Friend in Death,



**reproduced from loveundefiledblogspot**

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