How Long Does An Abortion Last?


“I have a ‘no-regret’ policy when it comes to the way I live, but I cannot seem to shake the regret of my abortion. I have regretted it since before it even happened, but I know other women who have gone years before regret eventually came knocking. Trust me when I say this: Regret will inevitably come knocking. The immense regret, selfishness, shame, and down right pain I feel on almost a daily basis is often too much to bear. I hope that by sharing my story I can influence even just one girl or woman who is considering abortion, and prevent her from making unquestionably the worst decision of her life.

My mother refers to it as, ‘the incident.’ My grandmother calls it, ‘your little procedure.’ But I like to call it what it is: murder. Over seven years and two kiddos later I can say with full confidence that when you have an abortion, you are not removing tissue. You are ending a human life. I look at my God-given children that I was able to conceive and deliver, and I can’t help but know in my heart that the ’tissue’ (as my mother, friends, and the doctor called it) was so much more than just that. My son was at one point ‘just tissue.’ I was at one point, ‘a speck without a heartbeat.’ My mother started out as, ‘just a clump of cells.’ So what makes any other baby different? How come all tissue-like clumps of cells aren’t given the same amount of respect that all of us were entitled to when we were that miniscule?”

(taken from loveundefiled.blogspot)

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