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St Puis X


Saint Puis X was born in 1835 in the village of Riese in the province of Venice.  After he became a priest he peformed his duties with distinction.  He became bishop of Mantua and patriarch of Venice, and was elected pope in 1903.  He took as the motto of his reign “to renew all things […]

In amongst the chaos, pain and destruction that abortion brings lies the women who have had abortions.  Here at the Initiative Sr Andrea runs the Rachels Vineyard Retreats for women, men, grandparents – anyone affected by abortion.  So we were very interested in the short film made by an American, Peter Baklinski who has felt […]

An interview on John Smeatons’ blog  last Friday makes fascinating reading for us in the prolife movement.  It is rare to read of any scientists taking a moral stand against the tide of research which uses aborted foetuses.  Dr Sardella, who is married with a son,  and a child on the way has taken a difficult and […]

It means so much and helps the cause enormously when Pope Benedict highlights a particular group working within  the Church.   This Initiative is close to our hearts….. Pope sends message to pro-life pilgrimage   2012-08-16 Vatican Radio Pope Benedict XVI has sent a telegram to the participants of the 301st Pilgrimage Walk from Warsaw to the Shrine of […]

HOLY NAME PRAYER FOR HUMILITY: Dear Lord Jesus Christ, you said to your disciples: “If you ask anything in my Name, I will do it, so that my Father may be glorified in me” (John 14:13). Lord, in your Holy Name I pray for the grace to humbly know myself, to know who I truly […]

A good news story in The Daily Mail Chemotherapy-wont-harm-baby-Cancer-treatment-pregnancy-safe-says-study.html  today suggests that women who discover they have cancer while pregnant need not delay chemotherapy or use less powerful drugs.  Unfortunately, alot of women have opted for abortion especially in the early stages of their pregnancy in order to proceed with life saving treatment.   However this study […]

We are extremely pleased to hear that a date has been set for an appeal for the Scottish midwives and pray for a positive outcome.   This report from John Smeatons SPUC blog, SPUC welcomes appeal date for Glasgow midwives   SPUC has welcomed the news that an appeal will be heard next January in the case […]

Anyone who watched Mo Farah win either of his Olympic gold medals will have felt elation and euphoria as he raced to the finishing line.  However for us, the greatest thing about his win was his dedication after he won the race to the twin girls his wife is carrying. “Those medals are for my […]

Contraception is an issue very much at the heart of the prolife movement and we have posted in the past about the clear link between contraception and abortion.  However this post concentrates on the most commonest form of contraception – the Pill. For many people the Pill offers a straightforward way to prevent becoming pregnant […]

Nightmare on Ramsay Street A talk by Paul Russell Director of Hope: Preventing Euthanasia and assisted suicide in Australia Paul Russell from HOPE Australia will be visiting Scotland to speak at the CNK Symposium. The Sunday afterward he is involved in a debate at the annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of […]