Saved From Abortion By Prayer


The fuller story that goes with this video is played out all over the world; teenage girl is pregnant and under pressure to have an abortion.  Adoption is presented as almost a non option for these vulnerable girls.  And this is where the story differs and here we must take heart and continue to use our most powerful tool – prayer!  Without it we will feel defeated and hopeless but we have God on our side who strengthens us to carry on fighting for those who have no voice – the unborn and their mums.

 I shared the video with her and my grandmother, Kathy who then, in turn shared it with all of her Facebook companions. A few days later, Kathy messaged me with something a friend of hers had written after watching the video:

“I remember years ago you told me that Alisha’s decision had to be made by the morning… but what I haven’t told you before was that I laid face down on my dining room floor and prayed with all my being for that precious infant’s life… and I feel so blessed to see the complete fulfillment of that prayer…first, by being present at the hospital just after Katie was born to see her ‘physical’ life, but also seeing her now…a life abundantly beautiful! And I am so overjoyed to see YOUR joy, because I know that it was not easy for a lot of years. God is good…VERY good!


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