Standing Up for Life


An interview on John Smeatons’ blog  last Friday makes fascinating reading for us in the prolife movement.  It is rare to read of any scientists taking a moral stand against the tide of research which uses aborted foetuses.  Dr Sardella, who is married with a son,  and a child on the way has taken a difficult and financially detrimental stand against those who assume that because the foetus is already dead (through an induced abortion) then it is morally ok to use the aborted foetus for research.   Also, Dr Sardella came up against the dominant thought amongst scientists that without using aborted foetuses, scientists cannot move forward and make breakthroughs in their field of research,  whatever the morals or ethics that arise.

  The interview is interesting because Dr Sardella explains clearly the dilemmas and  agonising decisions he had to make especially with a family to consider aswell as the effect on his career and job prospects. 

It is a position that many professtionals find themselves in,  especially in the health profession and it is poignantly similar to the Scottish Midwives case they are in the middle of fighting at the moment. 

Let’s remember these brave individuals in our prayers as we strive to win the fight to recognise all the unborn as worthy of protection and not to be disposed of and dissected in the name of  science.

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