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    Daughter of Birger Persson, the governor and provincial judge of Uppland, and of Ingeborg Bengtsdotter. Her father was one of the greatest landowners in the country, her mother was known widely for her piety, and the family were descendants of the Swedish royal house. Related to SaintIngrid of Sweden. Bridget began receiving visions, […]

Life is wonderful! “Disabled children like my son Paul, like kids discovered to have Trisomy 13, or hydrocephallus or cerebral palsy or any number of conditions definable pre-birth, are eliminated via abortion. ‘So they won’t have to suffer.’ But the truth of that lie is that we don’t want to see. We don’t want to […]

IVF & Abortion


Here is another sad report in The Daily Mail about the statistics released for the numbers of abortions that have been carried out when the baby has been conceived through I.V.F. and then aborted,  with the most commonest reason being given that the baby has Downs’ Syndrome. Over five years there is on average one termination every […]

In this short video, produced by Human Life International, women around the world respond to Melinda Gates’ controversial plans for them, and her supposed charitable assistance. Although the women in the video are addressing Melinda Gates, the same points they make could just as appropriately be made to David Cameron, who addressed the summit and […]

This straight talking video deals with the problem of sexual freedom that modern day society has at the moment and brings us todays’ present horrific possiblity that of the legalization of gay “marriage”.  As Sr Roseann frequently says we only “mop up” the huge problem of  sexual freedom at the Initiative and see the destructiveness […]

Although here at Cardinal Winnings Prolife Initiative we are in the business of dealing with women who are having babies easily but the whole issue of infertility is interlinked with abortion and contraception aswell due to invitro fertilisation and other fertility treatments which treat embryos as disposable. Unbeknown to many people is a totally prolife […]

Melinda Gates ( the wife of Bill Gates) has been in the news recently and most uninformed people would agree that she is trying to use her money and influence for the good.  We would disagree and we want to look closer at what she is saying  and what she is using her substantial funds […]

Prolife Mass


Here’s a reminder for the annual Diocesan Prolife mass for a chance to come together in prayer with other like minded people.  Holy Hour with Exposition starts at 6pm, Rosary at 7pm and Mass at 7.30pm. The Prolife mass is held at Our Lady of Consolation Church, Inglefield Street, Glasgow G42 7PZ.  See you there