Building Culture of Life Through N.F.P.


Having previously written on this blog about the evidence that contraception has been shown to lead to more abortions and also that there seems to be a deeply held secret about Natural Family Planning within the Catholic Church and in society generally, it was with great joy  that we  read an article reporting that Pope Benedict has recently offered an encouraging message on this topic.

It is vital that the benefits for a couple in using natural methods of family planning be announced by priests, teachers and parents so that young adults make the right choice for their relationships and their soul and turn away from what is usually the norm – contraception!  The main difference between using contraception and natural family planning is the couples’ openess to God’s plan for their family and a generosity to life.  This is a complete contradiction to what society preaches to couples – a message of having a right to children on their terms and the number they decide they can afford!  We see the problems of this attitude all around us from marriage breakdown to I.V.F. to abortion.

However  we must not shy away from stating the truth about the reality of using NFP, it has its challenges and rewards.  Denise Hunnell finishes her article well when she writes,

Take advantage of the many resources available to learn about NFP and share this information. Let’s build a culture where using NFP is normal, not radical. It enables virtue in both men and women. It fortifies marriages. Natural Family Planning lifts children up as generous gifts from God. By humbly acknowledging God’s authority in the creation of new life and trusting in His goodness, NFP lays the foundation for an authentic culture of life.

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