Violence for a Cause?


In a previous posting we recommened seeing the film “Greater Glory”, showing at the moment in the U.S.  and soon to be released in the U.K.  The main theme in the film  is the persecution of Catholics and the fight against this justice by the Cristero movement in Mexico.  Here’s a review of the film by the great Fr Barron  where he goes into depth regarding how Christians should “fight” back against wrongs .  In the film the fight back is discharged through the use of violence and this is relevant for us in the prolife movement.

The abhorrence of abortion and what it does to the unborn child, the mother especially,  causes some people to react with violence against those who support abortion and specifically those who carry out the abortions.  We see the results in America and with sadness the damage it does to the whole prolife movement.  Fr Barron discusses this reaction and how the right way to fight violent wrongs done against the church is through the light of Jesus.  He talks about how the ultimate violence of the crucifixtion was not defeated with any violence from Jesus but through total non-violence and peace and yet the battle was won.

The Church encourages any one is faced with atrocities such as abortion to stand firm and fight back with prayer, peaceful protest, legal means of objection and dignity.  For us in the prolife battle this is sometimes weary and feels futile, but we underestimate God’s plan and overall power if we let ourselves be downhearted.

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