I May Never…


I have down syndrome, and my parents did not abort me….

I am one of the 8%

I may never be the captain of a high school team.
I may never win a national spelling bee.
I might not go to an Ivy League college.
It might take me a little longer to learn sometimes.
I might not ever be the tallest, fastest or smartest.


I will show you how to love unconditionally.
I will show you how to be joyful no matter what.
I will NOT have your handicaps of malice, hatred, prejudice, discontentment and arrogance.
My parents and family love me exactly how I am.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

In a society so obsessed with perfect children, competition, better performance and plastic surgery, Down Syndrome is a death sentence. We are guilty of genocide, creating the master race by killing 9 out of 10 babies with a genetic anomaly.

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2 Responses to “I May Never…”

  1. 1 roy

    Or maybe the parents don’t want to spend thousands of dollars in medical bills on a child that is only going to live to be 20 and is retarded. And besides the world is massively overpopulated. Forcing people to have children is not going to solve anything. Just add to the poverty and struggles. Anyways it is not your business to say whether a woman can have an abortion or not. You are not getting an abortion, so don’t worry about them. Not everyone in this country is a radical christian who wants to force their beliefs on others, so just piss off and mind your own business!

    • 2 gospeloflife

      Nobody said anything about “forcing” women to have children. However educating women about what it means to have a children with Downs Syndrome as opposed to the stereotypical view of what bringing up children with D.S. means. It largely doesn’t mean “thousands of dollars in medical bills” being spent. There are many healthy adults with D.S. alive today because their mums chose life for them. Anyway what’s wrong with spending money on your children if and when they need it? We give information, support and practical support to those women who approach us and would never interfere in any womans decision.

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