Bernard Nathanson


Dr Bernard Nathanson’s speech given at a press conference at the offices of the Bishop’s Conference in Warsaw, Poland on 19th October 1996

(This text is translated back from the polish text given by the interpreter on live radio coverage).

I am greatly honoured that I have been given this opportunity to address such a worthy gathering. My aim is not to bore the listeners. For many years I was the director of the largest abortion clinic in the United States but as a result of my work in embryology, ultrasound and fetology I changed my mind 15 years ago and became an opponent of abortion. During the two years that I had worked in the biggest abortion clinic in the world I carried out 60,000 abortions. I carried out the abortion of my own child. I probably have more personal experience of abortion than anyone else in the world. After 25 years work as an abortionist and in the battle for and against abortion I now that abortion is not a medical issue. Doctors do not like being used to sort out social problems. Abortion is not only a matter affecting women. Politicians alternate either for or against but usually opt for the easier solution.

Abortion is above all a moral issue. It is a matter of good and evil. I appeal to you.

On you depends the ability of society to find a way out of this dilemma. To explain to you how important this dilemma is I will refer you to the case in 1973 (Roe vs Wade) in the U.S. from that time we have killed 38 million children. This is equal to the entire population of Poland. Abortion is a destroyer of society. In the U.S. now one is three children is born outside marriage. The child without the father at home is the most vulnerable to drugs, sexual excesses and crime. In Washington today 75% of young blacks aged 18-25 years are either in prison or on corrective programmes. They are in serious trouble with the law. This is a result of the family without the father. it is a moral and social matter which will not be solved.

It is a matter for you the Bishops and all the Priests of Poland that you should turn society away from abortion and thus protect Poland from social disintegration. I beg you to lead the (silent) march on Wednesday. (Tens of thousands processed in prayer before Parliament after leaving a solemn Mass). This is not a political issue it is a moral one. You are the shepherds and guardians of morality. If you do not do this you will lead your people onto a slippery slope which leads to legalised euthanasia and ends at the bottom of a valley of death with genetic engineering where they are creating new forms of life. Animal genes are already being combined with human genes. The geep that is the combination of sheep and goat is so popular that the High Court of the U.S. has decided that geneticists can patent new forms of life. We are approaching the stage that patents will be taken out on human life in various false forms.

May this great nation not follow in the bloody footsteps of America, Canada and Great Britain.

Long live life.
Long live Poland.

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