Feminism & Abortion


Having recently been part of a debate at Edinburgh University between the Feminist Society and the Pro-life Society this article by Frances Phillips the-term-feminism-has-too-much-baggage-for-pro-lifers-to-reclaim-it-as-their-own caught my eye.  She argues that pro-life feminists can no longer use this term with any confidence that people will understand your point of view.

Even though the original feminists were pro-life,  the modern feminists have equated feminism with the pro-choice debate.  To argue on the feminists ground is to let them set the agenda, however it is possible to make sure with out using the fword, that we in the pro-life movement are very much for women and what is best for them.  If abortion is all we can offer a woman with a crisis pregnancy than we are failing women!

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