It seems the DailyTelegraph’s investigation into the sex selection for an abortion last week has had huge ripples in the media which have included the police becoming involved and Andrew Landsley making statements as to the shock he feels about what has been revealed.

Does anyone else see the irony of the medias’ shock as this revelation?  In the U.K. it is ok to tell a doctor that you want an abortion because your child is disabled with for example Downs’ Syndrome but wholly unacceptable, and dare I say it, wrong, to want an abortion because an unborn child is female!

Hilary White, Lifesitenews Rome Correspondant puts it brilliantly when she writes,

Hadn’t you accepted the abortionist movement’s assertion that abortion is always a “woman’s choice”? Isn’t it supposed to be entirely a “private decision between the woman and her doctor”? I had understood that you believe it is the woman’s choice alone that makes the act “moral.”

Do I understand this correctly? It is morally wrong to kill someone specifically because she is a girl (and I am going to assume specifically because he is a boy, though this seems never to be mentioned out loud), but you can certainly kill a girl because you just don’t really feel like having a child at all, of either sex.

 What possible difference does it make to anyone what reason is given on the forms? Isn’t the whole point of legalized abortion to allow women to kill their children? If we have established that it is ever morally permissible to do this, does it matter so very much why they want to?

Reading  over the weekend I was surprised to read an extended article by Allison Pearson of the Daily Telegraph (yes, the same newspaper that revealed the investigation!) writing of her horror of women seeking abortions for a gender but stating clearly she believed in abortion for all the other social reasons that are commonly put forward.  She failed to see the illogical position she holds.  For women who believe it is their right to have an abortion the reason behind it is not to be scrutinised for morality or is it?  It seems that those in the media like Allison Pearson, believe that only some grounds are acceptable or moral to seek an abortion and others are just too repugnant.  For the unborn child, it matters not; the end is the same no matter what the reason.

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