Abortion On Demand


We in the pro-life movement hear all the time about the “hard cases” and how women only need to abort their child for desperate reasons.  However the evidence says otherwise and we are aware that alot of abortions are carried out for “social reasons” eg. it’s not the right time, a holiday booked, the space between the last child isn’t right etc.  What is not so openly admitted is that some women want a particular sex of baby and abort because they find out it’s the “wrong” sex!

Here’s an undercover report in todays’ Daily Telegraph Abortion-investigation-doctors-filmed-agreeing-illegal-abortions-no-questions-asked.html which is shocking in part because of the blase attitude the doctor has when the woman says why she doesn’t want her baby!  Have a watch and pass it on to anyone who thinks we don’t have abortion on demand!

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