Abortions’ Hard Cases


The American political situation is extremely interesting at the moment from a pro-life point of view as presidential candidate,  Rick Santorum lets his full pro-life views be known.  He recently answered a question tackling one of the hardest situations that can be presented to anyone who is pro-life .  What do you say to the woman who finds herself pregnant from rape?  However the question was complicated by the death penalty which for us in the U.K is not relevant and can be put aside.

For those of us who believe in the sanctity of life, the fundamental question is clear: Does the act of rape, perpetrated against one person, warrant the taking of another person’s innocent life?  Mr Santorum answers this well,?utm_source=Ideas+in+Action&utm_campaign=a63bfd0ac3-Ideas_in_Acti and if we are to stand up for the unborn child then we must face this difficult question with quiet confidence and reasoned arguments.  Ken Connor  writing on Lifenews.com puts the arguments well when he writes,

In this life, we cannot always undo the effects of sin and violence. We can only seek to mitigate the adverse consequences of such acts. Killing an unborn baby does not erase the pain and trauma imposed by rape. It is rather a form of misdirected retribution, revenge meted out against an innocent child because of the act of his or her parent. In the case of rape, the mother deserves our love and help and support. The perpetrator deserves punishment. But the child, once conceived, deserves to live.


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