Ending Abortion


We came across an interesting posting by Kristen Walker who muses about what needs to change before abortion can come to an end.  She compares the current abortion situation with the ending of slavery and how society had to change their attitude towards coloured people before slavery could end.

The same is true for our society when it comes to it’s attitude towards sex and its consequences.  Firstly there is a lack of education not information , she says

I have said it before: abortion does not exist in a vacuum. As long as teenagers are encouraged to believe that they are mature enough to have sex, that sex is “no big deal,” that being promiscuous is cool, that birth control pills are harmless and fail-safe, and that condoms make all your problems go away, we are going to keep seeing unplanned pregnancies.

….. We need to begin to make young women understand that being slutty is not synonymous with being cool, funny, and smart. We need to show them that in today’s culture, not rebelling against traditional morality is the truly rebellious thing.

Ten year old model, Thylane Blondeau

Kristen goes on to argue,

Organizations like New Wave Feminists seek to reach young women before they have sacrificed their intelligence, self-respect, and virtue at the altar of MTV. We need young women who remain chaste until marriage, who uphold and affirm the sanctity of life, and who view marriage and motherhood as sacred vocations. In order to see more of those young women, we need to change the perception that teenage girls who are intelligent and chaste are miserable, unpopular, naive, and brainwashed.

You can be smart, funny, and cool while having morals. I’ve seen it happen.

It won’t be easy to accomplish this, but it is possible. Radical mainstream feminism turned women on themselves. By trying to be just like the boys, women ended up using their sexuality as a weapon or a commodity. If you don’t believe me, watch a Rihanna video.

I would like to see a day when the average 16-year-old rolls her eyes in disgust at a booty-shaking Barbie on MTV. I would like to see a day when women don’t engage in baby-making activities until they have a diploma or degree in one hand and a ring on the other. I would like to see a day when young men have to work for young women’s attention again, because said women are too busy going out into the world and doing splendid things to shake their rumps in some club.

And it’s a chain reaction: those young women will raise strong daughters whose daddies showed them enough love that they don’t need to give anyone a lap dance to feel worthy, and whose mothers showed them enough discipline that they can tell boys “no” without feeling like the world is going to end.

That is the New Wave of feminism: virtuous, intelligent, and unapologetic. It’s not just for women, either. Men are not incapable of virtue; they’ve just been convinced they are by the media.

Speaking of which: the media is our greatest enemy in this fight for the minds and hearts of youth. Being promiscuous, dumb, and reckless is easy, flashy, fun, and on every single channel. New media is the key to getting our message across. And we have to do it now. There is no time to waste. I saw a roughly 11-year-old girl the other day walking around at the mall wearing a Playboy bunny T-shirt. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call rock bottom.

There is hope for the younger generations. We have to lead by example among our peers and those who look up to us. We have to show them that leaving behind ego and instant gratification doesn’t mean leaving behind your brain or your sense of fun.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, and no matter how we change the perception of virtue among young people and reestablish the idea of sexual standards, people will fail to meet them, and unwanted pregnancies will happen.


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