BPAS sinks to a New Low


Womans ‘ Hour on radio 4 featured the new Christmas British Pregnancy Advisory Services’ advert yesterday and discussed in a neutral way, as to whether it was a bit much or in bad taste?  I listened quietly and rolled my eyes.  However when I saw the actual advert this morning the grossness, the disregard for what a morning after pill actually does plus the complete blasphemy of the real meaning of  Christmas is quite breathtaking! The BPAS is offering a phone line which means the morning after pill can be delivered free of charge by post when a woman wants it.  It seems to me that this ignores any potential health risks a woman could have.

From a pro-life point of view the fact that the morning after pill is a powerful, mini abortifacient  which therefore takes a life!  It isn’t some sort of medication that cures an illness and yet the humour and play on words points to the frivolity of the whole situation.

Where will it stop?

View the advert http://www.lifesitenews.com/blog/free-morning-after-christmas-sex-jingle-pill

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