Jamie Foxx


We’re always looking for positive, feel-good stories which remind us that no matter how despondent we may be encouraged to feel about the abortion situation in the U.K. and abroad there are always surprises out there.  Well, just out of a discussion in the office today we came across a photograph of American actor and comedian, Jamie Foxx and his sister Deondra Dixon, who happens to have Downs Syndrome.

jamie foxx & sister Behind this photo we discovered that Jamie Foxx lives and looks after his sister and is a powerful advocate for her and her talents.  It is lovely to see how naturally he wants her to share the limelight and he speaks of her with great love.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were more visual places for people with Downs Sydrome to be seen and heard so people would realise they have so much to offer!  Have a look at what he said at http://www.etonline.com/music/101510_Jamie_Foxx_on_Caring_for_Down_Syndrome_Sister_I_Don_t_Call_it_a_Condition_I_Call_it_Living/index.html the Be Yourself, Be Beautiful Jet Set Fashion Show in October 2010.

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