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Trinity High School, Renfrew were in touch a few months ago to tell us they were organising a 5K at a nearby park and were looking for a volunteer to take part.  Sr Andrea gladly said yes and yesterday she joined the pro-life group at this fantastic fundraising event. The group were raising money for three […]



This pro-life film won the Peoples’ Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival and many other awards when it came out a few years ago and is highly recommended  The main actor Eduardo Verastegui has gone on to be a vocal pro-lifer and continues to use his celebrity for the good of unborn children.  Take […]

Go Justin!


Who would have thought that Justin Bieber, the teen heart throb, would have the maturity to speak out on such an important topic, but he seems to see abortion for what it really is, the taking of an innocent life! Good for him!!

Following on from the previous post regarding Downs’ Syndrome, we came across a great posting by Dr Estaban Rodriguez Martin who is a gynaecologist and spokesman for “Gynaecologists’ Platform for the Right to Life in Spain”.  The posting is on Life Site News which is a great source of pro-life stories from around the world and this is no […]

Please support this last Film & Faith Club for this season showing the moving Song of Bernadette.  See all the details at ttp:// and please bring along friends and family.

Dear Jesus, help us to spread Your fragrance everywhere we go.  Flood our souls with Your Spirit and Life.  Penetrate and possess our whole being so utterly that our lives may only be a radiance of yours shine through us and be so in us that every soul we come in contact with may feel […]

Since abortion became legal in the U.K. 44years ago we have heard so much about how the rights of the mother are more important than her unborn child.  In the abortion arena this of course means the right to choose to abort her child. So it is so heart warming to keep on reading and watching […]

The Queens’ cousin, Lord Nicholas Windsor together with Lord Alton are launching a campaign to stop countries adopting abortion as an international human right. You can read the details at and add a comment to support him.

Faith Forum


The scheduled meeting of the Faith Forum will be still going ahead next Thursday 27th October, but we will be incorporating the Torchlight Vigil and Procession into the evening. So we will meet at George Square, Glasgow at 6pm for the vigil at 6.30pm and walk with the procession to St Andrews’ Cathedral.  At that […]

Light of Life


This years’ Torchlight Procession (vigil & prayer) is being held in Glasgow on27th October.  Meeting at George Square, Glasgow at 6pm for a Torchlight Vigil (6.30pm – 7pm) and then a Torchlight Procession to St Andrew’s Cathedral, Clyde Street for a prayer service (7.30pm-8.30pm). Please make every effort to support this important event to mark the unborn babies that […]