Unconscious and Pregnant


Some of you may have heard this mornings’ programme, Inside the Ethics Committee – Unconscious and Pregnant  headed by Joan Bakewell who as anyone knows in the pro-life arena is wholly against the rights of the unborn child.  The debate and the way the questions were posed by her were biased and leading and the language used was geared to make the listener think that this “foetus” was causing the medical problems of this woman, Ann.

Listening to it reminded us of the blatant bias of the BBC which cares nothing for impartiality in this most vital of areas – the pro-life arena.  Nothing will change if we do not complain again and again so we  urge you to listen to the programme which will be repeated again today 14th July at 9pm on radio 4 or will shortly be available on iplayer and then make a comment using this link www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/features/feedback/contact/   which will hopefully get our message through.  Please make your points forcefully and clearly about the equality of rights of the mother and child which is not dependent on the age of the unborn child of whether the child may or may not have been brain damaged during the pregnancy!

Let us know if you have any success or what you thought of the programme.  Thanks.


One Response to “Unconscious and Pregnant”

  1. 1 Linda

    As a retired nurse I would like if possible to save both baby and mother. However in this case the mother had to come first and if there was any possibility of saving her and losing the child to make it possible she had to come first. As it happens she was delivered if I recall at around 35weeks of a healthy baby boy. He is now 20 months old and a normal baby. Sadly his mother who was in a persistent vegetative state died in June of this year. I know this because her mother is a friend of mine and we all prayed for her recovery. Sadly she does not have the contact she would like with the child. In summary as the law stands the doctors must put the life of the mother first, if she dies they both die. I think in fact there were times that they would have let the woman go had she not been pregnant. This did not come across well on the radio but I know it to be a fact. The baby gave the mother a chance as they were fighting to save both. A non pregnant woman would have been let go. And so we do have a healthy child but he will never know his mother who died a little over a year after his birth, she was 37.

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