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Could you please write to your own MP’s you know to urge them to sign Early Day Motion 1622. Also circulate the email to others you know would be interested.  The RCOG  (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) Report as it stands could result in tremendous damage to women as well as undermining their right […]

You can help the Sisters of the Gospel of Life.  If you are buying or selling a home (or commercial property) in the U.K., North America, or Australia – spend 2 minutes of this video to see how: or email Please pass this onto your friends.  



We wanted to publicise this important St Joseph’s Vocations Mass which the Little Sisters of the Poor hold every month at their convent in Robroyston.   The next mass will be held on Monday 28th March.  Please support this mass if you can manage as this is the only regular vocations mass held in the diocese for […]

Passion Play


The Little Sisters of the Poor are presenting a Passion Play during Lent at St Joseph’s Home.  Tickets are £5 .  The dates of the plays are 9th, 16th & 17th April starting at 3pm.  Their address is 14 Cumnock Road, Robroyston G33 1QT.  Telephone 0141 558 5114, email

With regard to lady A who had an abortion booked for last week, Sr Roseann met her again yesterday and she is still under pressure to have the abortion and also to have tests to determine if there is any disability.  The situation is uncertain and she is not settled that she will keep the baby. […]

St. Patrick Patron of Ireland St. Patrick of Ireland is one of the world’s most popular saints. Apostle of Ireland, born at Kilpatrick, near Dumbarton, in Scotland, in the year 387; died at Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland, 17 March, 461. There are many legends and stories of St. Patrick, but this is his story. Patrick was born […]

“Your father knows what you need before you ask him.” How wonderful it is to think that God is constantly aware of what is on our hearts and in our minds. Before we even speak a word, He knows.  Why then, do we insist on offering up long-winded prayers or wish lists of all we […]



We’re always ready to support other pro-life groups and/or websites and this one has some great resources and arguments supporting the pro-life position.  Also, it’s a good place to send friends or family who might question your pro-life position and instead of explaining all the arguments send them    

Faith talk


The Glasgow Faith Forum has recently been reformed and is meeting regularly for young people aged between 16 and 25.  All talks take place at 7pm in Turnbull Hall, University of Glasgow Catholic Chaplaincy, 13-15 Southpark Terrace, Glasgow G12 8LG. The next Faith talk is Thursday 17th March 2011 and the speaker is Fr Dominic […]

Last night BBC 2 aired a programme looking at premature babies born at 23 weeks  and the director Adam Wishart asks the question “Is it always right to keep them alive?”  It can be accessed at It is interesting from a pro-life point of view in that the programme questions the cost effectiveness of resuscitating babies […]