SPUC 4th International Conference


The 4th International Youth Pro-Life Conference was a great success.  Sr Andrea ( who also gave a talk  and break-out session) plus a volunteer from the Initiative attended the whole conference and thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of speakers and interesting delegates that travelled from far and wide to attend.


The speakers included Fr John Fleming who is a renowned bioethicist, he specialises in the development of public policy in bioethics.  He also served as the founding Director of Adelaide’s Southern Cross Bioethics Institute www.bioethics.org.au where he currently teaches Adjunct Professor of Bioethics.

Other speakers included Lynn Murray a pro-life and disability rights campaigner for 18 years.  She spoke on the attitudes of society towards the disabled and how abortion is often seen as the “only solution” to issues of disability.  Lynn is a member of “No Less Human” which is part of S.P.U.C . www.spuc.org.uk/about/no-less-human/about

Bryan Kemper was a replacement speaker for Simon Dames who could not come at the last minute. Bryan Kemper is the founder and president of Stand True Ministries, a Christ-centered pro-life group determined to awaken the youth of this country and share the message of life and the Gospel of Christ.  Find out more about Bryan and what he does at bryankemper.com


In between speakers and at quiet times during the conference various video clips were played to delegates to encourage everyone to use the internet to educate themselves and others on various issues that being pro-life touches.  One website that stood out overpopulationisamyth.com The conference was vibrant and full of hope as to what everyone can do to change society’s attitude towards the most vulnerable people of all – the unborn.


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