St Aloysius visit


Last week we were visited by two groups of sixth year students from St Aloysius College as part of a series of visits that included Barlinnie Prison and Starter Packs in Govan. Over two visits we played host to thirty seven pupils and four teachers, who were introduced to the work of the Initiative.


Each group was given two talks, first from Sr Amanda on the history and work of the Initiative and how they themselves can contribute to the building of a culture of life. After a tour of the office, Sr Andrea gave a talk on the Catholic vision of love and sex. There was a good discussion afterwards and it was great to have the opportunity to field some questions and talk to the students about these issues.

At the moment (as for the last few terms) we have a group of St Aloysius students visiting weekly as part of the Arrupe Service scheme and generally pitching in. They’re a great wee group and very tolerant of the slightly unpredictable nature of the work w’ve been getting them to do. Groups are likewise visiting other charities, schools, etc and hopefully the scheme will have great fruits among the students.

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