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Chen Guangcheng, the Chinese human rights activist has served more than one thousand days in prison for his opposition to China’s vile one-child policy. A petition to ask the Prime Minister to act on Chen’s behalf has been launched at the Number 10 website.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to take whatever action he can to put pressure on the Chinese authorities to secure the release of Chen Guangcheng, a Chinese prisoner of conscience who, on 20th May 2009 has served 1000 days in prison since being sentanced for highligting abuses of the one-child policy of the Chinese authorities, including forced abortions and sterilisations.

Chen Guangcheng is a blind lawyer, currently imprisoned in China for “damaging public property and gathering people to block traffic”. However the real reason is more likely to be to prevent him from carrying out his peaceful and legitimate human rights activities, including his efforts to bring local officials to justice for conducting a campaign of forced abortions and sterilisations, possibly affecting thousands of women.

Some reports say that Chen Guangcheng is in extremely poor health, is allowed very little food and drink, has been beaten, and been denied medical treatment as well as stopped from having family members and friends visit.

If you’re a British citizen or resident, please do go and sign the petition. If you’re of Facebook, you can join ‘ACT NOW to help Chen Guangcheng!’.

Please pray for Chen, his wife, family and supporters, who’ve been repeatedly victimised for their efforts to protect Chinese women and families.

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