Vicki Thorn: The Biology of the Theology of the Body


Vicki Thorn, who will be speaking on the effects of abortion at the Initiative this evening, also gives a fascinating talk entitled ‘The Biology of the Theology of the Body’. Here’s a short clip from a previous talk.

One Response to “Vicki Thorn: The Biology of the Theology of the Body”

  1. 1 Gypsy Scholz


    Someone is finally telling the truth.
    Vicki spoke at the Women of Christ Conference 2009 on the biology of the theology of the body. My 18 year old soon to be college freshman heard her. She has told several of her friends. Her friends think she is crazy, but my daughter knows the truth!
    This is a great way to tell young women the truth, they should hear it in 7th and 8th grade along with their mothers as well as a junior and Senior in high school to reinforce the message.
    Maybe this talk would get more young women to value their chastity and wait until marriage. Young men in junior and senior level high school should see this too. It would also tell young men they are worth waiting for too.

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