Student International SPUC Conference


Just for the record, Chris Larkin (who’s been working with us these last 10 weeks) and Sr Andrea went to the second International SPUC Student Conference, this year held in the Carberry Tower in Edinburgh. The setting was amazing and the conference really exhilarating.

The conference was entitled ‘I am here’ and covered many of the so-called ‘hard cases’ that often justify abortion. The keynote speaker was the dynamic and vivacious Rebecca Kiessling, herself the result of a rape in which her mother was held at knife point; our very own Elain Gallagher also spoke powerfully on the joys and challenges of living with disability; and another particularly impressive speaker was 17-year-old Monica McGhee, a pupil of Trinity High in Renfrew, who had a child when she was fifteen. Her presentation was realistic in its approach – it’s simply not ideal having children at such a young and unstable stage – but also deeply inspiring. She comes from a strong, pro-life family and they supported her all the way through. She made the right decision and now she has a beautiful baby daughter.

Last year 50 delegates attended the conference. This year, no less than 150 – all of them clued up, incredibly enthusiastic and powerful advocates for the voiceless.

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