Trinity High School


Trinity High School held its annual Pro-Life week at the end of November. The school’s Pro-Life Group works in a very broad sense in Pro-Life areas. As well as the usual Mother and Baby issues where they seek to help expectant mothers who might be experiencing difficulties with material,emotional and spiritual aid, the group also tries to help out in areas where the end of life is looming and to this end works very much with St Vincent’s Hospice in Howwod, as well as taking a real interest in areas of people who might be considering giving up on life.

The week began with a special coffee morning run for staff by the Pro-Life Group – the scones, cakes and biscuits being baked by 18 volunteer teachers.

During Pro-Life Week, the group visit every class in the school and deliver power point presentations and group activities to highlight these issues and to raise material support. All classes were involved in discussions concerning facts and opinions on Pro-Life issues such as abortion, euthanasia and self-esteem and self-harming. A stall was opened everyday where students could purchase pro-life materials and literature.

Each morning, assemblies were led by a pro-life prayer composed by the Pro-Life Group and every pupil received their own special copy of the prayer.

A Pro-Life poster competition was run with prizes awarded for the best in each year group. Pupils throughout the school submitted their own intentions for prayer which were included in a special service held in the school oratory led by the school chaplain and members of the group who put the service together.

Students and teachers were encouraged to bring in baby clothing and baby toiletries to be donated to the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative.

Also at this time, members of the group were giving up their time at weekends to help host the St Vincent Hospice Advent Event and later to help the hospice in a bag packing project at Asda in Linwood.

The school S6 Action Day and X Factor event raised £3400 for St Vincent’s Hospice and the Pro-Life Group collected 30 boxes of baby clothes and toiletries as well as £400 for the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative.

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