2nd International Student Pro-Life Conference



2nd International Student Pro-Life Conference
6th-8th March 2009
Carberry Tower, Edinburgh
Due to the phenomenal success of our first international conference, SPUC Scotland will be hosting the 2nd International Student Pro-Life Conference in 2009. This conference is an excellent opportunity for those aged between 17 and 35 years  to network and socialise with fellow pro-lifers from around the world.
This year our theme is ‘I Am Here’ and we will be putting a face to the common pro-abortion arguments by hearing from those behind the ‘hard cases’.
Our keynote speaker will be international pro-life speaker, Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived after her mother was raped. Rebecca will share her personal story and explain to us why she believes, ‘’Your value is not based on the circumstances of your conception.’’ 
Delegates will be given the opportunity to network with established pro-life organisations such as SPUC, Youth Defence (Ireland), Stand True (USA) amongst others. In addition we will also hear from professionals in the fields of International Law, Bioethics and Post Abortion Counselling.
This weekend will be a unique, inspiring experience filled with educational opportunities, activities, socialising and most importantly lots of fun!
If you would like to attend this conference, please book in advance to avoid disappointment. You can register via our website www.spucconference.org.uk or by contacting :
                                                SPUC Scotland
                                                75 Bothwell Street
                                                Glasgow G2 6TS
                                                0141 221 2094

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