Tiny Feet Friends


A few months ago we received the following note:

Dear sisters,
We would like to join your convent but we’re only 5 and 7 years old. So can you send us some information to tell us how we can be sisters of the gospel of life at home? Thank you very much.
We will pray for you.
From Maria. Age 7. Margaret-Mary. Age 5.

For some time we’ve been thinking about a project aimed specifically at younger children. Most of our education work is focused on the high school-agegroup but we feel it’s increasingly important that children are made aware of pro-life issues at an earlier age in such a way that being pro-life becomes a natural part of who they are and how they view the world.

Tiny Feet Friends

To this end we’re about to launch the ‘Tiny Feet Friends Project Pack’ for children of primary school age. The pack provides ideas and resources, helping each child to pray, to learn and to give.

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction:

Thank you for becoming a Tiny Feet Friend.

It’s great that you want to do something special to support our work with mums and babies who need special help to be born safely and happily.

As a Tiny Feet Friend, you will walk all the way in your prayers, in your heart, and in your actions with one very special unborn baby and its mum.

Every week for 40 weeks you will set aside a special time to pray for, think about, and support a pregnant mum and unborn baby in need.

The project involves the spiritual adoption of an expectant family, praying to Jesus that the family will be happy and loving, to Our Blessed Mother that the mother and child will be kept from all harm and to St Joseph that the baby’s father may have the strength and wisdom to be a good dad.

Each week the child will follow the development of the baby, relating it to the experiences of their own family and keeping a record of all that they learn. Each week as they pray and learn, they’ll raise money in different ways to support the work of the Initiative.

The pack contains all the resources, information and ideas needed to follow a spiritually adopted child from conception to birth. We’re assuming a fairly significant degree of adult support each week, and each parent or guardian is of course free to decide how much their child is ready to know and the level of detail they want to go into.

If you think that this is something your family, or a family you know, might be interested in getting involved in you can phone us on 0141 433 2680 or email us at gospeloflifesisters(at)googlemail(dot)com.

Thank you and God bless!

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